shana (shana) wrote,


Mandatory safety training this morning; which means that I went to the other branch of the library; waited around until the session started; sat through a really-too-general-to-be-very-useful presentation. And when I got back to my own branch -- no parking.

The chief custodian directed me to an illegal but safe spot; I told him I'd move it any time he wanted me to.

The entire staff is supposed to go to this, but we really can't. Even with one in the morning and one in the afternoon. There's supposed to be another day of this, but I suspect that there won't actually be, due to budget cuts.

So far, the library is doing the following: a hiring freeze, no overtime without special advance permission; they've stopped all materials purchases -- we can make up the order, but it won't be put through; and no supplies except on an emergency basis authorized by the building director.

Bookmobile service stopped as of last Friday; we will close on Sundays after this month. My boss was hoping they'd continue until the end of the year.

Fortunately they'd already hired a new children's librarian, the department that's still understaffed is the one can take it best -- and even understaffed, they've got one more person than when I was working there.

Fingers crossed that things will ease up.
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