shana (shana) wrote,

Yesterday was my Uncle Charles' birthday, but he celebrated on Monday, when they had his parade. We had a nice chat on the phone with him Thursday, as he's in Alabama.

However, it was otherwise a stressful day. I got my hair done, but when I got back I found my mother standing by the driveway, watching as the porters got her car off the curb. They changed her tire, then we went to the service station to get a proper new tire put on.

And dad's computer refused to boot. I guess it heard I was getting him a new one. I spoke to a friend who runs a computer repair service, and the good news is that it doesn't sound like the hard drive to him. But it means that my laptop is the only internet access in the house until the new computer comes.

I ordered a new one, with Windows XP. I expect it will get here next week, and I'll have said friend come over and set it up and transfer stuff for us.

Dad's 88 today, and he shouldn't be forced to learn a new operating system.

Now to see about ordering a new wireless router... ours is at least eight years old.
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