shana (shana) wrote,

Well, yesterday's email glitch got sorted out -- one of the benefits of having a small local ISP is that they respond fairly well. They don't have people on the phones around the clock, but all of their staff are not only in this country, but in the county. :) The boss fixed it for me.

Of course, that doesn't help with the fact that I'm not getting nifty email -- that's Someone Else's fault. Partially mine, but only partly. :)

 My character managed to wake the dragon up.

She couldn't see where he was in the lake, so she used a water breathing spell, and underwater, said loudly, "OOH, a Dragon's hoard," while chinking some coins together. He showed up right after she said, "What a pretty opal!" She gave him the opal, and then we went back to the city under siege.

I managed to figure out HOW to repair the damage that threatened to collapse the cavern that held the underground city. [Having a Noble Djinn at hand to cast a Wish 10 helped immensely. It fixed it sufficiently that the archmages could get earth elementals to fix the rest.

So now we are waiting for the NEXT attack that the evil wizard group is masterminding.  The good news is that this isn't one of their prime directives, they will probably call it quits when it gets too expensive.  The bad news is that they have a LOT of resources.

That last attack would have destroyed the city if it weren't for the outside help we provided.  

Today, I pick my brother up from his filk convention, and brave the traffic to return home. 

Tomorrow, I'll try to see a movie.  Probably Howl's Moving Castle

By the way, 
seawasp, I've decided I'm more eager for an update in the flashback PBEM than in the main one.  :)
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