shana (shana) wrote,

Five o'clock on a Friday afternoon is NOT the time to hit the NJ Turnpike. We got over the George Washington Bridge with only minor delays, but the Turnpike crawled. It took about an hour and twenty minutes to drop my brother off in Secaucus -- which Mapquest estimated at less than half of that. Then it took another two hours for me to get down to Bridewater.

On the bright side, I had borrowed the album for _Spamalot_ from the library. We decided it was the perfect thing to listen to on the way to a filk convention. I've now heard it three and a half times, and I won't mind hearing it a few more times. I'm definitely buying myself a copy of it. Very funny -- and I was singing along with it. I must go see it -- the scenery must be covered with toothmarks. :)

Gaming commenced, to be continued tomorrow, when my character has to wake up a sleeping dragon. It would probably be easier if he wasn't napping at the bottom of a lake...
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