shana (shana) wrote,

The good news is that the union has negotiated our new contract; as soon as the lawyers are finished with the wording we'll get to vote on it. We will be getting a raise, my salary is staying ahead of my age.

I'm in an online roleplaying game; it's a lot of fun and my character just fell in love with a new arrival. Totally unplanned for, he just hit all the right notes.

I'm reminding myself of the neat stuff, because I feel crummy today. I hope I'm not coming down with another cold; two of my colleagues have them but I'm hoping it was the one I had last month. It's a gray, rainy day -- that always makes me feel down. I'm going to see my chiropractor after work, she helped a lot on Wednesday, but I could use a bit more adjusting.

And there's a full moon. I don't know about other people, but the full moon affects my moods, accentuating them, making me more sensitive and likely to be cranky. Very similar to PMS, but fortunately they aren't in sync this month.

And the rpg is in a slow spot; I know that this is a normal part of the cycle. I know that my emotional reaction to this is irrational, and I am resolved not to whine and make a pest of myself.
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