shana (shana) wrote,

My dad just came in and told me today was the 62nd anniversary of his discharge from the army.

He served in WWII, crossing the Atlantic on the Queen Mary in storms that came close to sinking her -- which he didn't learn until later. He turned down OCS to stay with his unit, and was a Master Sargent when he was discharged.

I know he acted as a court reported in Africa, and did a lot of translating -- he was good at languages.

He got a bronze star. He isn't positive why, but he thinks it was because when he was in Italy, he was talking to some partisans in a bar. The partisan told him that the last Italian panzers in the area would be willing to surrender -- to the Americans, not the French. So Dad told that to his Captain, and eventually the panzers surrendered -- to the Americans, as requested.

I'll have to ask him to tell the story again one of these days. He regrets that he didn't keep a diary, because he's forgotten so many details over the years.
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