shana (shana) wrote,

Well, Friday I borrowed _New Amsterdam_, by Elizabeth Bear from the library. It's a series of mystery stories in an alternate universe. My irreverent self is going 'He's a vampire. She's a forensic sorcerer. They fight crime!"

It's quite noir -- I left it at work before reading the last story in the book. I found it compulsively readable, but it may be too noir for me to finish.

And I didn't want to carry a hardcover book down to NJ with me.

I had a nice time visiting with my friends Suzanne and Dave; Dave ran his D&D game.

When the experience points are tallied, by my rough calculation I should roughly double my experience point total, which will bring me up to 10th level cleric, 11th level wizard. [We permanently killed 7 type six demons, five other big bad demons, and I didn't keep track of the small fry. Plus three high level wizards.] We had one casualty -- my character's lover, an archmage, blew his save (he rolled a 1!) and turned evil -- which triggered a contingency to put him in temporal stasis. The next game session, [some time next month], will involve the other archmage bringing the city back to the prime material plane, then we see about getting divine intervention to bring my boyfriend back. [He's important enough we should be able to get it.]

Traffic wasn't too bad -- about an extra half hour each way.

Tomorrow they start construction -- they are renovating the underground garage, and the courtyard above it -- which includes the front entrance to the building. This means a detour all the way around the other two building in our complex to get to the back door. I hope they have adequate signage so the delivery people can find the way in.
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