shana (shana) wrote,


I have actually been reading new books.

_Karma Girl_ by Jennifer Estep is a chick-lit book in a superhero world. It was a fun read, and the main character actually changed over the course of the book, which doesn't alway happen in chick lit.

_Soon I Will Be Invincible_ by Austin Grossman is one I purchased for the library because of James Nicoll's recommendation. [I was wavering based on the professional reviews I had read.] This has more realistic people, in another comic book world. My one quibble was with the ending -- it left loose ends all over the place. More like literary fiction than genre fiction. And I'm not a lit-fic fan.

_The Sharing Knife: Legacy_ by Lois McMaster Bujold. I read this in one sitting, of course. I hardly need to say that I liked it. She's one of the authors I buy in hardcover, because I know that I will have a satisfactory reading experience. And rereading experience. I just have to find where I put the first book before I start the reread.

I am not quite finished with _The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes_ by Jennifer Crusie, Eileen Dreyer, and Anne Stuart, but that will get a separate post, because I got the book on the condition that I would review it in my blog.

Probably tomorrow.
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