shana (shana) wrote,

I had a lovely visit with seawasp and redrose999 and their family.

Vicky is calling me by name and dragging me off to her playroom to play with her. 'Shana COME', and if I don't come she goes 'NOOOOO'. She is very cute, and I hope she did not give me her cold, generous little thing that she is. :)

Kathy baked me a chocolate cake. It was good but I only had one piece, because I'd had three helpings of the fabulous risotto she'd made.

And Ryk gave the most magnificent rendition of 'Happy Birthday' that I have ever heard.

It was a pretty good weekend for gaming. Just a brief PBEM update, but since the other player actually replied yesterday I am hopeful that there may be more soon.

I watched their regular game -- which was a continuation of the battle they were fighting the last time I visited. None of the PCs or important NPCs died, and they killed Dracula's three brides -- which pissed him off no end. Still, the two biggest bad guys got away, and they will have another bigger fight in the future.

Kathy ran her game Sunday and Monday. Mostly roleplaying, a big banquet with the king and queen of the lost civilization we are visiting. Lots of fun, and it ended with a fight. Our enemies recruited some of their enemies, and sent invisible assassins to stop us. They made the mistake of only sending twelve of them to stop the twelve of us.

We were all in separate rooms. Three PCs, nine NPCs. Three or four of them survived to be captured and interrogated. It was fun watching the dice fall. These assassins had obviously fallen to a bad luck spell, because they were rolling really crummy.

The cowardly and dishonourable nature of the attack has infuriated the captain. Attacking women and children in their quarters is just not done. [While it is true that we were not helpless, it is the principle of the thing.] He intends to teach those blackguards a lesson -- by destroying them totally, if need be. [While he doesn't have his airship with him, we do have the Elric brothers, who are certainly capable of massive destruction.]

The assassins used a new and different kind of magic to get through our host's defenses -- taught to them by one of our foes. [I'm not sure just how many different sets of enemies we have at the moment.]

Of course, now I have to wait a month for the next section... Sigh.

When I got home the appliances were annoying. I managed to get the dishwasher to work, but we have no clue what was wrong with the microwave. Since it is now working properly, it will stay a mystery.

And I managed to get the internet connection working, but I had to reboot everything to do it.

Thank goodness for air conditioning. The house actually isn't that hot yet -- we're on the ground floor, and only one room gets afternoon sunlight, but I expect that tomorrow it will be hot enough that my mother will be willing to put on the AC.

She and my dad did fine without either my brother or I here this weekend. Which is a relief. Although we did both call every day to check on them. :)
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