shana (shana) wrote,

I had a fun weekend, visiting with seawasp and redrose999 and their adorable children.

The one downside was that the elevator in the hotel broke. The people were incredibly nice -- the night person carried my stuff up to my room when I got back after midnight, and the next day they moved me to a room on the first floor, and helped carry my stuff.

And I had gaming. I got to watch one of their regular game sessions -- a big fight, which isn't over, but the bad guys capitalized on the mistakes the PCs made.

PBEM updates, too. I hope the other PC on my team responds soon, because the next move will (I hope) take us in to deal with the weirdness.

And in the 1920s game, we aquired another vehicle -- a truck this time, and have entered a mysterious city. The PCs are separated, because women do not go to the council. Which is not to say that my (female) character and the other women in the group are not learning a lot of interesting stuff. It will be interesting to learn what the other PCs are learning. [Hint, hint.]

And I'll be peppering the GM with emails as I think of things my character would like to say or ask during the time until the PCs reunite.

My mother is continuing to improve. Today she got flowers and a plant from two of my cousins.
She was thrilled. The plant is actually several plants, including a Peace Lily and an orchid. And the flower arrangement includes some really beautiful red roses.

It has been a nice minivacation, and it is back to work tomorrow.
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