shana (shana) wrote,

Mom is doing better. Her roommate checked out yesterday, and tonight they moved her over to that bed. It's the one by the window, with a huge windowseat and a more comfortable chair for visitors.

The reason they moved her is because she fell. She didn't hurt anything but her pride. She was getting my cloak out of the closet, (I left if for her - it's polar fleece, and really warm) and she leaned on the door of the room, which moved. She slid down to the floor, landing softly on her good side, cushioned by the cloak.

She couldn't reach the handle of the door to pull herself up, but she took off her shoe and knocked on the door. Some visitors opened it and called the nurses.

She assured them that it was her own fault, she wasn't hurt and wasn't going to sue. But they called Dad to let him know that though she had fallen she was okay.

But they told her not to try to get around by herself for awhile. She stood up and said, "You mean you don't want me to stand up by myself?" They told her not to try to stand without locking the wheelchair.

She called me to tell me this -- she didn't want to worry Dad. I told her they had already called and told him about it.

But she's getting a lot of attention from them. And they moved her to the other bed, which she wanted. Especially since she's not going to be coming home as soon as she wants. (She wants to come home Friday -- she's scheduled to leave June 6.) Maybe she'll be ready next week.

My ankle is better -- I get occasional twinges, but not too many.

I'm looking forward to this weekend. I hope the traffic isn't too bad.
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