shana (shana) wrote,

My car is three years old today. It's got a bit over 32,000 miles on it.

The last time Lunacon was in Rye I drove my brand-new Saturn to it. When I drove up Friday, the valet recognized me. 'You come every year' he told me. He was the one who got my car for me today. He cleaned it all off, so I gave him a very good tip. He deserved it.

I had a good time at Lunacon, but I did more resting than usual. I was in a part of the hotel I'd never actually been to before. It was nice and quiet, and I retired early.

The most memorable line of the convention was the young man sitting next to me at the panel about Jane Austen in SFF. He might have been in high school or college. He said that he had gotten MORE dates because he read Jane Austen...

I controlled myself in the dealers room. I decided that stuffed blasters with flashing lights and sounds would probably NOT be suitable gifts for small children, so I just bought myself a few books.

I am part-way through Esther Friesner's Temping Fate, and I finished Kitty Goes to Washington this morning.

I picked up Kitty and the Midnight Hour because James Nicoll liked it, and I liked it enough to buy it and the sequel.

Soon I will be taking my brother to the station. He's going back to Boston, and won't be back for two weeks because he's going to Filkontario next weekend. I hope he has better weather -- he's flying.
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