shana (shana) wrote,

I am home again, after a lovely visit with seawasp and redrose999.

There were a couple of little glitches -- the 'check engine' light came on in my car, but it seems to have been the 'gas cap is not properly fastened' one, as it turned off just before I was about to find the local Saturn dealer. And the next morning a lens popped out of my glasses, so I had to stop at the nearest optometrist.

Gaming was had. I got to watch another episode of Ryk's Hogwarts campaign. Alphonse Elric seems to have a phobia about tentacles. :)

Kathy ran her 1920s game. We passed the dragon's tests. My character did not actually meet the dragon, which I think is probably just as well. He is not a nice dragon. We completed phase two of the quest, and next we will head for the desert. Where we will doubtless run into more of Fu Manchu's minions.

And there were PBEM updates. Too bad the dragon in that game seems to have dropped out of sight. His/her storyline looks interesting. My character is considering doing something stupid for emotional reasons. Fortunately, at the rate that PBEMs progress, I will have plenty of time to think about it.

Next weekend is Lunacon. It's close enough that I _could_ commute. I have in the past when money was tight, but it is more comfortable to stay at the hotel, and have a place to leave stuff.

I'd better get to bed. I'm working the late shift again, but I have to be up early to take my mother for her stress test. I told her I loved her enough that I was willing to miss American Idol tomorrow night. :)
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