shana (shana) wrote,

Dad is doing better. He's reading a book -- Susan Elizabeth Phillips' _Natural Born Charmer_. It is due today but I will happily pay the fine for keeping it out until he finishes it.

He didn't panic when I told him I was taking Mom to the cardiologist. She told me, when she got up at noon, that she'd had symptoms that could be a heart attack when she woke up at seven -- and she'd gone back to sleep. She asked me to look up what she was supposed to do. I did, and told her she should have called 911 immediately. She did call her doctor, and he told her to come in and see him. He gave her a prescription for nitroglycerin and an appointment for a stress test next week.

He's been eating better. I was out this afternoon -- after taking Mom to the doctor I got my hair done, but he ate lunch, and dinner. It took him a while to decide which of the dinners he wanted, but he decided on the salmon.

And my brother is coming home tonight.

I'm glad I'm working tomorrow, as it meant that I did not have to be traveling during the rain -- and most of the roads around here flood with this much rain. My rule of thumb 'if there is a river in the road's name, it will flood.' I don't actually take any of them, but the people who usually do back up traffic when they move onto the unflooded roads.

I am hoping for PBEM updates this weekend. It will be three weeks since the last one. :(
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