shana (shana) wrote,

Well, we got Dad to eat dinner. When he hadn't had lunch by 5, I managed to convince him to have dinner -- and got about 400 calories into him. Now if we can talk him into a snack, or an Ensure, he will have made his thousand calories.

I've been reading nonfiction lately -- I'm too stressed to read any new fiction. And they make good research for the 1920s game. I'm reading a book on the Bloomsbury Group, and two about bohemians. Of the two, I recommend _Among the Bohemians_ by Virginia Nicholson. It is far livelier and more engaging than _Bohemians: the Glamorous Outcasts_ by Elizabeth Wilson, which was clearly designed for an academic audience. There is also a big book called _Kiki's Paris_ about artists and bohemians in Paris, which I left at work.

And _The Secret Life of Houdini_, which is quite interesting -- I'm almost up to the part where I can fit him into my character's backstory. :)

It looks like my Hackmaster game will be on Sunday; I am hoping that the only player who hasn't responded yet can make it -- he's got both the cleric that keeps us alive and the mage with the most firepower. Since the next thing on the agenda is going back to fight what we think will be a demon -- or an analog of one, and loot the treasure, we really need our healing power.

Tomorrow is a work day for me -- the first time I will need to get into my new office during the hours it is usually locked. And I don't have a key of my own, which is ridiculous. I figure that if we ask the custodians to do it often enough, they'll see that we get our keys. :)

I hope we get PBEM updates this weekend, since I know the GM will be at a con next weekend.
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