shana (shana) wrote,

We took my dad out to dinner tonight. He didn't eat much, but about the same size portion as he usually does. We brought home leftovers.

He's getting stronger, but it is a slow process. But I'm going to try an overnight trip this weekend.

Summer has arrived. Bah, humbug. I hate hot weather. I got the air conditioner in the library ready to go -- it was tolerable today, but another day of heat will push it out of my tolerance range. [The one in my room has already been in use -- I can't sleep if the room is too hot.] I'll leave the one in the living room until my mother finally gets hot probably sometime next month. -- That's the coolest room in the house, and it gets some of the spill off from the AC in my room.

At least SOME of the other players in the PBEM game are starting to respond. [It is amusing that I am so much more assertive in email than in face-to-face games. The only game I get this much spotlight time in, is the one where I'm the only player...]

Almost time for the Tony Awards. I predict much success for Spamalot.
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