shana (shana) wrote,

Dad ate a good dinner, which puts him over his thousand calorie minimum early, for a change. I promised him Mom and I wouldn't nag him about eating any more tonight -- just to drink more fluids. If he does eat more, that's gravy.

My desk has been moved to its new location. But my stuff was already containerized, so it took me five minutes to move it and arrange it. My boss very cleverly left the half of the department with the most stuff downstairs, so they would have more time to pack. By moving fast, I was able to claim the section of bookcase directly behind my desk, so my stuff is convenient. They have ordered proper desks for us, but I will believe in them when they actually arrive.

Sunday I'm going to visit my anime pusher in NJ. I'm bringing him _Farthing_, by Jo Walton, because he'll appreciate it, and a book on the Mitford sisters because he didn't know about them.

I'll try to make time to check email and reply to any PBEM messages, if there should be any. :)

In the meantime, I am working on a couple of things related to the 1920s game...
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