shana (shana) wrote,


I had a lovely visit with seawasp and redrose999 and their family.

There was gaming! Kathy ran her 1920s game... My character came out unscathed, but I did research on what would be sunburn treatment in 1924 for the sake of other characters. Cool baths with oatmeal or vinegar, and Noxema. And talcum powder before getting dressed.

And PBEM updates! With replies from other players, too. ^-^

The climax of the weekend was when I fell off the bed. It felt like a slow motion sequence. I have a bruise where I landed on my thigh, and the middle finger of my right hand is swollen, but I am reasonably sure it is just bruised -- I have broken and sprained fingers in the past, and this doesn't feel like that.

I was really lucky. I might have been able to catch myself when I started sliding, but the baby was there, so I tried to avoid her. As it was, I brushed her with my leg when I landed and scared her. I also missed the chair, the fan, and the electrical cords.

My main worry was that it would impair my driving, but fortunately it doesn't hurt when I am driving or typing.

It was sore when I got up this morning, but gradually eased up. I had a nice visit with Kathy and Vicky, who had forgotten her scare, then drove home.

It was a struggle getting Dad to eat, but we finally managed to get enough calories into him.

So I have tomorrow at home before going back to work on Wednesday.
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