shana (shana) wrote,


At long last we finished out undersea journey to the lair of the vampire storm giant archmage.

We killed him -- before his ritual to turn all the storm giants into vampires was completed, but not before he killed the giant who was helping us.

Still we all got out alive and undrained [high level clerics and negative plane protection come in so handy] there will be oodles of eeps.

This final battle wasn't too bad -- just the vampire storm giant archmage and a couple of dozen vampiric storm giant handmaidens. And three undead beholders and an undead black dragon.

But considering that as an 8th level cleric/9th level mage (1st edition AD&D) I was the wimp of the party, we could handle it. I was sufficiently protected to be able to be effective in the fight. [I was using the sunburst from the wand of illumination -- since undead have no save, it was a better attack than one of my spells that might do more damage, but do allow saves.

Tomorrow I will get the experience for the journey -- and find out about the magic items we picked up on the trip.

And I will start looking at possible spells for my character in Kathy's game.

Maybe there will be PBEM updates...

In any case, there will be visiting with friends.

And now to sleep...
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