shana (shana) wrote,

We had a very quiet day today.

My brother is working on a stack of exam papers -- the grades are due tomorrow.

I decided we should do dinner early -- we're having trouble getting Dad to eat, but he managed a reasonable amount -- about as much as Mom did. He turned down the chocolate truffle cake, but it was very rich. I expect the four servings I got will turn into more like ten or twelve in actual practice.

After dinner, I got out my bead stuff and made a necklace for my hairdresser. I give her one every year. I thought about doing something red and sparkly, so what I made is green. Malachite, rainbow pearls, and swarovski crystal, with gold filled spacers and findings. My mother looked at it and asked which were the pearls -- because they look silver in this light.

Work tomorrow. Bah. I will have to remember to turn my alarm back on. At least the christmas music will be done.

This was my quiet weekend. The next two will involve travel and being social. I am taking advantage of my brother being home to visit friends.

Maybe there will be PBEM updates next week. If not, I will at least get face to face game time.
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