shana (shana) wrote,

Despite my advice, my mother insisted that she needed to go to Bloomingdales today to get her makeup. I agreed to drive her, but would wait in the car. Fortunately there was a handicapped space available. We hung up the handicapped tag and Mom went into the store.

I finished rereading 'A Civil Contract' and was well into 'Miss Silver Comes to Stay' by the time my mother got back. It took her close to an hour. I told her I would rather pay the shipping charges than do this, and she agreed (finally) that I had a point. She did get free gifts for going in, but I don't think that was enough to make up for the strain and hassle.

We then picked up her prescription from the drug store and came home and collapsed.

I finished the story I was working on, and started copyediting one of Kathy's -- I should finish the first part tomorrow.

I started playing another one of the Neverwinter Nights premium modules. I played one on Thursday -- and managed to finish the whole thing in about five hours. I spent about two on this one so far. If it is like the other one, I'll finish it tomorrow.
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