shana (shana) wrote,

The fun of today's Hackmaster game was somewhat lessened by the hour delay getting home.

Note to self: next time check whether the football game is at 1:00 or 4:00. And take the longer route -- it won't be slower because the backup from the bridge will be shorter.

We wiped out the leaders of the brigands we were after -- we caught them at their weekly card game. Then we took out two of the three golems, a mummy, and seven lizardman priests. And a Dark Knight. I don't think we had anything that could actually hurt the clay golem -- but we managed to get past it. Maybe the Rod of Lordly Might the half-orc took from the dark knight will work on it.

There's a lot of treasure -- but we don't have time to identify the magical stuff yet. But even with the fireballs and lightning bolts destroying some of the valuable furnishings, we have a lot of treasure.

We decided to rest after finishing off the dark knight -- we used lots of spells. Next time we have to go back into the room with the clay golem, because the door to the rest of the complex must be behind the tapestry there.

When we finish with this temple, we still have the rest of the brigands to deal with, plus the wizard with the tower in the swamp...

I'm SURE I'll have enought experience for ninth level by then.
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