shana (shana) wrote,

I like having a small ISP. Today they sent someone out to do updates on my dad's machine. A house call, I'm told it took 20-30 minutes. Then, tonight, when I went on dad's machine and tried to connect with the internet, it didn't work. So I called them.

Ten minutes later, I got a call from the owner -- he'd pinpointed the problem with our Verizon line, and suggested a possible fix. It worked. [If it hadn't, HE would have been the one dealing with them -- I consider that worth the small amount more than it would cost to get our DSL directly from Verizon.]

I'm strictly limiting my computer time, though. My back is bad, so sitting with my laptop is not good for it. It will take at least one more visit to the chiropractor to get back in place. I should have gone last week, but I had this cold...

The story I was working on has morphed to a meeting in a hat shop. I don't know what it will be by the time I can sit down long enough to do some real writing.

My mother is getting rid of our old jigsaw puzzles. At least some of them. I rescued the one of one of the Cluny unicorn tapestries, as well as the very first one we bought -- a round puzzle of a porcelain plate calld 'Mandarin Paying Court to a Lady'. Those old Springbok puzzles were great.
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