shana (shana) wrote,

It was raining when I left, but it stopped when I was well into NJ. And it was sunny when I came home. Traffic wasn't too bad, either direction -- about fifteen minutes extra.

Had a good Hackmaster game. The game store we play at has changed its hours -- starting next week, they'll be open longer. We should get considerable loot from this -- we have six magic items and a spellbook so far, and we have a lot more of the dungeon to cover. Well, I don't know how much more in actual area, but the big baddies are still to come. Still, we took out some flying lizard men, a lizard men ambush, a chimera, and a whole lot of brigands, including a wizard (who had six magic items on him). But there are still the bandit leaders, an evil high priest and an undead monster to fight.

Still no PBEM updates.
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