shana (shana) wrote,

Game stuff

Yesterday I went and saw my friends Dave and Suzanne for the first time in a couple of months.

Dave ran my character... we got a bit farther on the mission -- my character is annoyed by the monsters that keep interfering. We got the gigantic magma jellyfish at range, so they only slowed us down for a short while, but it took a while to get past the lighting trap. Fortunately, the bronze dragon is immune to lighting, or we might have had to figure out another way in. Then, after figuring out how to open the secret door, we were attacked by a platoon of sea giants riding electric eels. Some of the eels got away. [But the point of the mission is to get to the vampiric storm giant Lord and either kill him or cure him. So all this stuff, while _I_ appreciated the chance to get the eeps, is just annoying delays as far as my character is concerned. It's not like there aren't three OTHER important things happening elsewhere that we have to be concerned with.]

No PBEM updates. Sigh.

For the 1920s game I finished Houdini's book and have been doing a bit more research on spiritualism. My character may see dead people, but as far as spiritualism goes, her response would be 'but that's NOT how things work.'
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