shana (shana) wrote,

Home again

I had an very good time at the Farthing Party. I knew enough people from conventions and Usenet and lj that my shyness did not overwhelm me.

There are a really amazing number of restaurants near the hotel. I had adequate lunches and excellent dinners. [I was aiming for fast at lunch -- not amazing.]

Monday Cally and I drove from Montreal to the Schenectady train station. It looks close on the map, but it was farther away than I thought. If she does it again, I would suggest going to the Albany train station. It will save at least half an hour of driving.

I got to my hotel at six, then went over to Ryk and Kathy's. Ryk read me the rest of Threshold. Nice. It will be very interesting to see what Eric does with it.

I brought each of the boys a stuffed canada moose. Since the store only had three of them, V. got a furry purse with a moose head on it instead. She carried it with her when we went out today.

Today I went over and hung out with Kathy and V. We had breakfast, and I kept her company while she worked out, and then we had lunch.

No real gaming, but I talked about a couple of PBEM things with Ryk and some bits of the 1920s game with Kathy. I definitely have some research to do and emails to write.

I left about two, so I told my folks to expect me between six and seven. It had started raining and I expected things to be slow. But as it turned out, the traffic was moving well, and I only made one short stop. I guess the seven hours in the car yesterday increased my endurance. :)

And my new American Express card arrived, so I activated it and updated all my open Amazon orders to use the new number. Fortunately it isn't THAT different from the old one, so I should have it memorized soon.

I'm going to try to get some face to face gaming in these next couple of weekends.

Tomorrow is a vacation day to do chores and recover. Back to work on Thursday.
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