shana (shana) wrote,

I've been having a good time at the Farthing Party. I didn't embarass myself at my panel (Introducing People to SF), and from the "Issues in Farthing" panel I got some good questions/ideas to pass on to the librarian who runs the book group. And I might read the Nevil Shute book referenced on the panel "A Good Read" if it exists in my library system.

The party was nice. I didn't feel invisible. The room was a good size, with a reasonable number of chairs -- which were augmented as more people arrived. I had nice talks with some people I knew before (online or from cons) and some new ones.

I left shortly before eleven, because I was getting tired, and there is another day of programs tomorrow.

A couple of replies to questions in the PBEM, but not advances. This surprised me. I expected there to be LOTS of stuff happening when I was away from my computer. Maybe tomorrow.
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