shana (shana) wrote,

The entry I wrote yesterday disappeared when I tried to update it. I'll try not to make whatever mistake I made then again.

I had one of my favorite kind of patrons at the library the other day. The son of one of the new clerks came looking for book recommendations. Fantasy and science fiction for his trip to Europe. He left with a stack -- _The Great Book of Amber_, _Partners In Necessity_, _Sabriel_, _An Oblique Approach_, _Young Miles_, _Abarat_, _Citizen of the Galaxy_ and _Starship Troopers_. I think there were a couple more, but I've forgotten. I also showed him the Baen website, with the Free Library and the free samples. That was fun.

My father is stronger today. In some ways its more exhausting, but it is hopeful. We had a home health aid to help my mother for three days. We'll see how the weekend goes.

I'll start dinner now -- we'll see who can eat it.
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