shana (shana) wrote,

Preparing for takeoff...

I am almost packed -- I think I have everything but I am not closing the bags until morning, just in case I remember something I should have.

I did remember my ID and my meds, so that's okay. Although I will have to remember to pack the nasal spray after using it tomorrow.

I've got the paperdoll books for Kathy, and chocolate, and pirate stuffies for the kidlets.

I don't have my copy of Farthing, because I loaned it to the librarian who runs the book group. Because I think it would be a good book for discussion. And I didn't want her to have to wait until the library's copy came back. Must remember to ask for suggestions for discussion questions while I'm there.

So in the morning I just have to pack up the computer, load the car, and head up to Albany. Visit with Larry, Ryk and Kathy and the kidlets.

Then on Friday head up to Montreal for the Farthing Party. Fortunately the schedule allows time for adequate sleep and nourishment.

Monday morning drive Cally to the the Schenectady train station, then visit with Ryk and Kathy again.

Tuesday visit with Kathy and come home. And I have Wednesday to recover; back to work on Thursday.

It's going to be a remarkably social time for me; I must remember to get adequate rest.

And I may fall behind in keeping up with email, lj and usenet. But my family and the PBEM have priority over the rest. :)

Now, to try to get some sleep...
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