shana (shana) wrote,

Busy day

I spent the morning at work running a test bead workshop with some of my colleagues as guinea pigs. Each of them made a necklace, and coughed up ten bucks so I can get more beads before the kids come.

Things I knew going in: the hardest part is choosing what beads to use in your necklace. While it takes less than an hour to make a necklace, allow two hours for the workshop. Do the finishing myself.

Things I learned: bring samples to show them. Also limit the number of types of bead the kids can use in a necklace.

Then, after work, I had to go get a replacement for the microwave that expired last night.

I had managed to avoid the whole shopping rush by doing my buying online or way ahead of time, but this was important.

I have to say that the salesman at Sears was extremely nice, and even carried my purchase out to the car for me since there were no shopping carts available. But it was hot, and getting in and out of the shopping center parking lot took longer than making the purchase.

But it is now hooked up and doing fine.

So I'm taking a few minutes to relax before I have to start wrapping presents.
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