shana (shana) wrote,

After two weeks of gray skies, there was sunshine today!

I got up even earlier than usual to go for allergy testing. It took about an hour, and I will need to go in for more testing Saturday morning. So much for any chance of sleeping late. They had told me not to take any antihistamines for five days -- but when I told them I'd taken Benadryl on Monday (when that mosquito bit me) the nurse said that was okay -- it is quick acting and doesn't stay in the system. Which is good because I took some after I left his office -- and I may take more tomorrow. I am _definitely_ reacting strongly to ragweed right now.

I'm doing game geeking -- for the PBEM and the 1920s game. I've sent Kathy five or six posts for the 1920s game, and I'm in a volley of messages with one of the other PBEM players.
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