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I have been having a lovely visit with seawasp and redrose999 and their family.

There was NOT a monsoon when I drove up on Saturday -- just enough rain so that I had to keep adjusting the speed on the occastional wipers.

The kids are adorable -- but loud. They are definitely honing both their incredible cuteness and their sonic attacks. :)

They liked the baby dinosaurs, and the youngest wasplet especially liked the little piranhas -- I suspect she will steal all of them.

I got to watch their game on Saturday night -- a duel between immortals and the Slayer and friends visiting a castle FULL of vampires.... It was fun.

Then Kathy ran the 1920s game on Sunday. We did a bunch of roleplaying ... next time we'll set out on the next leg of our quest. We're spending some of our preparation time teaching Edward Elric how not to drown... He needs a HEAVY duty floatation vest, plus treading water. Compared to that, teaching Noa the rudiments of swimming is easy...

Yesterday was slightly marred by the mosquito that bit me -- because the bite was near my right eye. However, the Benadryl worked -- but I will have to explain about that to the allergist. By the time I went to bed, it had stopped itching, so it didn't interfere with sleep -- even when I slept on that side.

Dinner was delicious fish that they had caught on their vacation.

The GM for the Saturday night game brought over Underworld Evolution -- and it was interesting to the source for the stuff he had stolen for his game...

And seawasp gave me some spoilers about the PBEM background ... like a little bit of just what that old wizard was trying to do. And there were PBEM updates. I would have liked more, of course, but these are fine.

From what he said, it looks like he's getting near the end of his book. He might finish next weekend. I've got the latest version -- fifty pages more than the last one -- I'll read that tonight after I get home. Of course, he is going to be changing the last scene, so it will be interesting to see the different versions.

For those of you who are in his beta reading group, I will say that he is putting Joe Buckley into peril. Again. :)

Now I'm going to finish reading rasfc, pack up my computer, and go visit Kathy for a little while before heading home.
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