shana (shana) wrote,

Trip preparations

In about sixty hours, I go up to visit seawasp and redrose999 and their children. I have prepared presents for the kids -- but with the weather forecast, I might want to hold off on the kites until next time, as it looks like we'll be drenched by the remnants of Ernesto. Fortunately they like getting cheap toys. If they develop expensive tastes, it will be harder.

This will end the game drought I've been in, since Kathy will run her 1920s game. My character is very interested to know what Edward Elric thinks of _Pride and Prejudice_ . :) I think it could be a very interesting discussion -- if somewhat digressive to the mission.

I HOPE I'll get PBEM progress too, but I'm not counting on it. [The next most prolific player has been silent. And after he promised he'd reply. :( ]
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