shana (shana) wrote,

Cleaning up

First stage of room cleaning accomplished -- the floor is clear. Tomorrow, I tackle the surfaces.

And then the clothes.

My cleaning strategy -- working for short spurts, with long breaks away from the dust -- worked quite well. I did NOT have an allergy attack.

Copyedited two fanfic pieces for Kathy.

Finished reading the book about London mansions. Useful as background for the 1920s game. But I don't think it will really be relevant.

Did NOT take the long bath I'd planned -- thunder moved in, darn it. So I just had a short soak. Sigh.

Tomorrow I need to see my chiropractor and my hairdreser. They're both named Angela. :)

And Saturday is a work day. It's supposed to be a gorgeous day, so I have no clue whether it will be quiet or busy...
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