shana (shana) wrote,

Great weekend

I had a wonderful weekend visiting with seawasp and redrose999 and their family.

Friday I drove up after work -- I left work a little early, so there was only about half an hour of traffic delay. I got to their house in time to watch the Hogwarts game. [I missed the session where they were sorted. One is in Slytherin and one is in Ravenclaw.] The third PC is a not quite ghost -- who was delighted that SOMEONE could see and hear him. The DADA teacher bears a striking resemblence to Dracula. And he had some interesting things to say about the origins of the Addams family.

The boys were very happy with the squirting fish to play with in the pool. And Vicky always likes the shiny necklaces.

Some PBEM updates -- which will lead to further discussions. I should write down what I want to ask who when we get back to the house...

Kathy ran her 1920s game. My character got to do MAGIC. My healing spell worked quite well on our red shirt's broken arm -- did about six weeks worth of healing on it. Which helped. Then, the wards I set kept out the yeti. The other PC triggered the avalanches before we got to them, so we arrived safely at the monastery.

A successful visit to the monastery. We received what we had come looking for, because our humble ex-monk passed the test. And my character received a scroll that would help her learn the magic she will need -- plus a 'rosetta' scroll, to help her learn the language it is written in. She made a very good start in the three days we were there. She's good at languages. The others found some excellent stuff in the monastery library. We're back on the airship now, with a day to prepare for the next phase of the journey. At least we won't need the stuff for camping in the snow...

Time to finish this post and hit the road... I have to get to work. I figure four hours for the 2 1/2 hour drive should be sufficient...
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