shana (shana) wrote,

Rain has started -- no thunder so far. I'm hoping for PBEM updates.

Inspired by sitting in at Sea Wasp's game, I watched _The Addams Family_ last night. Wednesday certainly had good lines. I have _Addams Family Values_ too, but when I can watch it depends on other people. Still, it is a good thing to watch in a thunderstorm.

I had to tell my cousin who is visiting from Peru that I have to work next Saturday; no, I can't trade with anyone at the last minute; no, I can't leave at noon, I have to be there until five. This is the time of summer vacations -- I did trade to work that Saturday as a favor to someone else -- but that was a month ago. If there had been someone else who could do it, they wouldn't have had to do the department-switching trade to begin with. Dad wasn't enthusiastic at the idea to begin with, and my brother will be in Portland.

My mother wants to go to the mall this afternoon. She wants to wait until after this batch of storms is over. Which is good, because that will let her adrenaline wear off and I can see if she is really up to it after going out this morning. Because she will overdo things once she starts feeling better.
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