shana (shana) wrote,

Home again

After a lovely visit with seawasp and redrose999, I am home again.

No traffic delays, so I have time to catch up on lj and Usenet before I go to work.

In Kathy's game, our party of intrepid adventurers completed the first stage of journey by airship, to a destination in the Himalayas, from which we can climb to a monastery.

The problem with being a female character in 1924 is being protected by all the strong and noble gentlemen.

And since my character had decided NOT to bring her rifle or shotgun, because of the need to carry other supplies (the weight of the long gun and ammo being a substantial percentage of her carrying capacity), she put up with it because she wouldn't have been able to help against the yeti.

We had two red shirts in the party; one killed and one injured when the yeti dropped a boulder on their tent.

We will probably have to camp one more night before we reach the monastery...

And I have to wait at least until next month to continue.
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