shana (shana) wrote,


Yesterday the Coopers came up and we went to the gem and mineral show. Sue got an assortment of beads. I didn't see that much that I wanted. I got myself a strand of peridot beads -- I think I'll see what they look like with pearls.

I got a cameo for my mother, and a chunk of amethyst crystals with good vibes for my dad.

Then, today, I bought more baby clothes for Vicky. Summer things, one red, one yellow, two blue and yellow, and two aqua. They're so cuuuuute. [I got yellow rompers -- they had more but they were pink, so I ignored them.] I'll get to see her in less than two weeks!

Schools are on vacation, so today I'm showing _Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban_ at the library. It means that I miss a meeting, and the other librarian on the late shift will be alone for more than an hour.

But the dvd player and projector are set up, it is in focus, and the sound is working...
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