shana (shana) wrote,

PBEM update today -- my character was having a chat with the dashing NPC hero, when some of our enemies decided to attack. It's really annoying for her to have her precognition not work, but since these enemies have an idea of what we are, it makes sense that they took precautions.

The trouble is, while I can blather away in character and let the other PC make comments as he feels like it, for a fight I'm going to have to wait until he responds. And it looks like he's away from his computer today. I hope he responds before tomorrow, so we can advance a little bit.

From the description, there are enough of these baddies that we should be able to toast most of them and then have problems with the few that are higher powered/more intelligent.

I'm trying to figure out what her costume/armor looks like. It's magic, so I am not restrained by reality. It would help if I could actually draw, or had a more visual mind.
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