shana (shana) wrote,

I've been reading memorials to Jim Baen. There must be a lot of traffic on the bar, because I have trouble getting in -- and then I can only read one or two at a time. Maybe in a few days I'll be able to write one -- but not yet.

I'm glad I have the long weekend -- it is going to be hot, and thank goodness we have air conditioning. The one in the living room isn't working -- but it is the least needed. That's the coolest room in the house, and it gets some of the air from my bedroom AC. That one, which is the newest and most efficient one, will probably be going nonstop.

As the head makes my brain sludge, it is essential.

I'll have to do the laundry early tomorrow, before it gets too hot.

I hope we get more PBEM updates. And that the other players respond quickly. There were times this week when we were all zipping responses back fairly quickly. I like that.

The PBEM updates last weekend were a wonderful birthday present. Thank you again.

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    Happy birthday seawasp!

  • Renamed my account

    I am changing the name from slrose to shana, now that the name is available.

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