shana (shana) wrote,


I spent most of today at the Reference Desk. It's busier than the old desk was, and for the afternoon we were understaffed because most of the people were taking a training class that I didn't need. There were four of us who _weren't_ at the class -- so it was two of us at the Reference Desk, and two at the Fine Arts Desk. And I didn't get a break until 4:30. To be fair, I had the opportunity to do so earlier, but let the other librarian go first. The people who were on the late shift didn't get to dinner until 4:15 -- and one of them I had to shoo off to eat at 4:25.

I answered a lot of little questions -- and most of the time, was helped by someone else showing me where what I needed to answer the question was.

My back was aching by the end of the day. I'll have to figure out how to adjust the monitor, keyboard and chair to be comfortable for me. It was okay yesterday...

Then I did a big grocery shopping on the way home.

My books from Amazon came. I'm reading Oh My Goddess! volume 23, and later I'll decide whether to begin with the guidebook or the etiquette guide for bedtime reading.

Tomorrow I have to show the new YA librarian what to do with the paperbacks that arrived today...

Then a long weekend. I'm looking forward to soaking in the jacuzzi.

My blood pressure is good, though.

I am waiting a reply from the GM before replying to a player in the PBEM game. I am hoping for a good update for my birthday this weekend.
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