shana (shana) wrote,

I had forgotten how many times you have to get papers for people when at the Reference desk. It has been fairly quiet here, so I've been getting acclimated -- and running antispyware software on the computers. I've done three so far, two more to go.

I have to share computers with more people here, so most of the time I won't be able to login to lj. I should still be able to check email when I'm on the desk, though. But time to write any will be scarce.

Tomorrow I go to a class on graphic novels. I signed up for it when I was the YA librarian, but since the new YA person and the other librarian who signed up for it don't drive, I'm their ride back.

The other PBEM player replied. Now we just have to wait for the GM to continue things...

It's quiet tonight. At least so far. I predict that there will be a spate of patrons with difficult questions as soon as the other librarian here goes on her break...
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