shana (shana) wrote,


I don't do heat well. I slept reasonably well and this morning got the library air conditioner working.

The living room is cooler, being on the north side of the apartment -- it requires SEVERAL days of heat before it get hot there -- and it gets some overflow from my bedroom air conditioner -- which I've been using at night for a while. Sometimes I only need it for an hour or so, but the last couple of nights I've gone to all night mode.

I decided not to go out in this heat. We have sufficient bread and mild that we can go until Tuesday. I must remember to bring in more Snap Pea Crisps from the car. I finished the package we had here.

filkerdave gave a link to online music from Concertino -- unfortunately I saw it too late to try to hear my brother's set. Even if they are running late, an hour is too late. Sigh.

Alas, I cannot expect more PBEM updates today -- and the player who has not yet responded probably won't have time today, seeing as it is Father's Day.

Tomorrow afternoon I start in the new department -- I'll have to look things up, instead of knowing where everything is. I will have to spend a couple of hours over the next couple of days with the person who took over my desk, and explain how to handle the mess of stuff left there by other people...

Just because I want PBEM updates, doesn't mean there will be any there when I check my inbox.

I have to help tidy up the house for the relatives that will be visiting next weekend. I'm taking the cowardly way out and going to visit friends. There has been too much work stress the last few weeks, I can't deal with explaining it to the relatives.

I have a long weekend next weekend -- four days. I could do a short trip the following weekend, but I have to work the 3rd. I have a long weekend again on the 14th -- my new boss must have misread the vacation request schedule, but I am taking the time off with glee. Then my brother starts his travels -- I will have the first weekend of August, and Labor Day weekend. Now that I'm not the YA librarian, I don't feel obliged to be there all summer -- but finding time to take my extra vacation may be a problem. I'll have to see if there is enough coverage for the department...
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