shana (shana) wrote,

Home again

After a lovely visit with seawasp and redrose999, I had a smooth drive home. Definitely less traffic than usual, it only took me three and a half hours to do the 150 miles, even with a stops for lunch and gas.

Kathy ran her 1920s game. Ryk introduced a second character -- Alan Griffin Nemo, the son of the famous captain. His airship is taking us to China, and I expect the villians to be very annoyed that we're missing the ambushes they're arranging in Port Said, Aden, Colombo, Singapore and Hong Kong. We'll be getting to our destination in a week, rather than the three weeks it would have taken on the fastest ship available.

And there were PBEM updates. Of course, one of the PCs seems to be mostly away from his computer this weekend, but kencyr is really good about lobbing responses back and forth. (Which is good, because the GM will be at a meeting next weekend -- and no one knows if he is going to have internet access, writing time, or a functional brain after a day of meetings.)

And Ryk read me the next bit of Threshold. My, how the plot is thickening. [snerk] :)

I nudged my brother to try out the case I got for his new computer -- he decided that he liked the backpack one. I got one large enough he can use it for the stuff he usually carries in his backpack, too.

Mom is slightly better -- she was able to get five solid hours of sleep without coughing, which is a definite plus. Dad seems to be catching a cold, though.
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