shana (shana) wrote,

Preparing for weekend

Well, tomorrow I'm driving up to visit with seawasp and
redrose999 and their adorable children. I'm hoping to get an early start and beat the traffic.

I don't think gas prices will keep people at home -- but I do think that more of them will be doing short distances.

My brother's laptop died, so my parents decided that he needed a new one for his birthday. I asked him a few questions, and last night I ordered one for him. [I chose, they paid.] It is at least as powerful as the one I have, and, of course, cost less than that one did three years ago, even with service contract and overnight delivery.

Today I'll go shopping for a case for it -- MY share of the birthday present.

If things go properly, the computer should be waiting for him when he gets here tomorrow afternoon.

Yesterday was enlivened by PBEM interchanges with other PCs. YAY!

I took the nerd test in my character's persona -- she is much nerdier than I am -- 96% to my 83%. My 1920's character got 37% -- but I had to fudge a lot of the answers for her. :)

I am hoping that today will be quiet at work. We'll have an influx this afternoon when they show the Movie of the Month _Pride and Prejudice_, but if it is otherwise quiet that would be good.

The less stress, the better.
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