shana (shana) wrote,

The dragon got away...

We managed to do over 300 points of damage to it, before it escaped us by diving into a crater lake. So we're going to try to get to its lair another way. It should take it a while to heal, though.

In the meantime, we managed to defeat a band of brigands on that mountain. We killed some of them, including the mage, the priest and the leader, and most of the others fled. We took some prisoners, and they included the hippogriff trainers. So we will have hippogriffs!

Next time we will find out what treasure was in the chief's lair, what spells the mage had in his spellbook, and try to find our way to the dragon's lair. We're trying not to use fireballs, if possible -- that's hard on the treasure. But it will have to wait until our next game, next month.

Got PBEM updates yesterday from the GM... Now I have to wait until the _other_ players start responding...

I mentally composed a rant while stuck in traffic at the GWB, but decided not to write it down. I have lj and Usenet to catch up on before bedtime. :)
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