shana (shana) wrote,

Musings on shopping

My character in the PBEM went shopping with another PC. [It's great! I get to play even when the GM has no time. I love that!]

And I was thinking, you know, this is a classic female bonding ritual.

There are at least two ways of shopping. There is the dedicated mission (we are looking for a dress to wear for this occasion) where one has a specific goal, and there is the 'let's go see what there is and decide if we really want it.'

Usually (in my experience) there is one person who is the main shopper, with the other(s) assisting unless they find something really neat.

When assisting a friend shopping, duties are as follows:

Keep the mission in mind -- if you're looking for prom dresses, don't detour over to the bathing suits. Look for items that match the mission, that you think would do well for your friend. Draw her attention to them, and see if she thinks it's worth trying.

Act as caddy. Hold her stuff when needed, carry extra items, and be sure to take your quota of things into the changing room so that things will go faster. [It's usually 3-6 items per person in stores where they have limits.]

Give your opinion, honestly but tactfully, when items are tried on. If something looks good, say so. If not, you have to say so, too. ['yes, that sweater is nice, but it's beige, and makes you look washed out. Let's see if they have another color.']

If other sizes or colors are needed, go get them for your friend. Take the rejected items out of the dressing room and bring in more as required.

When finished, retire for refreshment and recap.

I enjoy the bonding part of it, but my shopping stamina is about an hour. And I don't really like shopping. I'd say I've gotten too old, but I felt pretty much the same when I was younger.

I do most of my shopping online now. At least for basics. Mail order is my friend.
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