shana (shana) wrote,

Allergies, phooey.

Spring is tree pollen time. Stupid season.

I'm lucky in that my allergies are mild to moderate level. And that antihistamines don't make me drowsy. However, having your brain work less well was distinctly inconvenient when I was in college, as it always struck at paper crunch time. It was usually over by finals, though.

I was glad for the hard rain last weekend that washed away the pollen. Until I got to work Monday afternoon and found that the roof had been leaking. Right by the desk where I usually sit. And it was still dripping.

Unfortunately, as I have learned from leaks in other parts of the building, I am highly allergic to the stuff in the drip pails -- I assume it is some kind of mold.

Since I had to work late, when I went to dinner at 4 I bought some dust masks and vitamin C. The dust mask helped some -- it kept the stuff out of my lungs, but I went home at 8 anyway, because my eyes were affected, and I wanted to go home while I could still see.

I made it home safely, but it was a bad night, and I stayed home Tuesday. I had planned to go back on Wednesday, but wasn't up to it. Thursday I went back, and the buckets were away and the carpet had dried, so it was back to my normal tree season feeling. And they are working to repair the roof.

The good news is that there isn't any rain expected till the middle of next week. The bad news is, that means the pollen will be high.

Tuesday will be my mother's birthday -- one that is a multiple of ten. (I won't say just how many times ten in public.) So later today we are going to make arrangements for her present -- I'm taking her to a spa for a massage and whatever else she wants.

While the GM of the PBEM has been inactive -- vacation and business trips, and now sick (no wonder after all that stress), my plot to roleplay with some of the other PCs has been successful. I have been using most of the small amount of brain power I have on that.
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