shana (shana) wrote,

Today was my Hackmaster game. I gave the GM the autographed copy of Boundary I picked up at I-Con. He was pleased -- he didn't know it was out.

We got to throw around lots of fireballs -- we helped the dwarves wipe out the cavern of hobgoblins. And one of them had a ring of wizardry and I get to use it! Squee.

We stopped a bit early, because we decided to attack the young green dragon, and there was no way we could do it before the store closed. We've got four fighters, three mages, and one cleric/thief, and seven of us will be able to fly. Considering that this is Hackmaster, we have LOTS of fireballs. (Second level fireballs are wonderful.) And two of the fighters can dish out lots of damage. I told the cleric he has to stay alive, so he can heal the rest of us.

It really poured this morning, but it stopped by the time I had driven the 50 miles to the game. And it was sunny for the trip back. I know we're supposed to have April Showers, but they don't have to all be on the same day. :)
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