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I was at I-Con this weekend. While it was good to hang out with Ryk and Kathy and their kids, and Diane, it is not going to be one of my favorite conventions.

It is too big, too crowded, and too spread out.

And this morning, while going into the SAC, I tripped on a wrinkle in the floor mat and fell. Hard. I landed on my left knee, and was unable to catch myself with my arms before my nose hit. So I had a bloody nose and a sore knee.

I went to the ladies room to check -- my knee was not bleeding. By then I could tell that it didn't feel like a sprain -- I could walk all right. So I bought some tissues at the little store, and we went up to the floor where the programs were going to be.

When I sat down a few minutes later, I noticed my knee was swollen -- specifically, there was a knee-sized lump just above my knee.

One of the people who is working for the con -- I don't know his name, because his jacket covered his badge -- kept coming and checking on me. He got me ice, and that helped with the swelling.

I turned down the wheelchair, because I could walk, if not as fast as usual; and the paramedics because I was pretty sure I wasn't seriously hurt, and I didn't want to spend several hours in a hospital 60 miles from home for them to tell me that.

If there had been a nurse or paramedic handy, I wouldn't have minded an opinion, but there wasn't.

I put more ice on it before driving home, and I managed the drive all right.

Once I got home, I had some food and one of the heavy-duty anti-inflammories that the doctor precribed when I broke my finger. And I re-iced the knee, because it stiffened up on the drive.

I _didn't_ call and tell my parents about it, because I knew they would worry. At least I was able to reassure them in person when they found out.

I have a definite bruise on my nose, and my mother thinks I may have two black eyes. I hope not.

And there is some bruising coming out on my knee.

It is going to be interesting trying to sleep tonight. I'm really tired, but it hurts just enough that I know I'm going to have some problems with it.

I think I'll try to go to sleep soon.
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